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  1. I just want to leave a comment here:

    I just re-watched a very good movie called, Boy In The Striped Pajamas. The story of this movie has a striking (but probably not recognized by many people), parallel to what is happening in the U.S.A. today with Donald Trump. No, I’m not saying he is a Nazi, but he certainly shows fascist characteristics in his personality. Watch this movie again, if you’ve see it before, or watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. It has a powerful message to tell.

    Briefly, in case you don’t know the story of this movie, a Nazi officer with his family moved from Berlin to “the countryside” very close to one of the concentration camps. His 8 y.o. son didn’t understand what was going on at the camp/”farm.” He meets another 8 y.o. boy in the camp and tries to befriend this camp boy even after he betrayed the boy for eating some pastries in the officer’s house. He was punished severly, and when Bruno (the German officer’s son) sees the boy’s injury, he apologizes for his selfishness.

    Then both boys agree to sneak into camp to find the boy’s father and instead get corralled up into the next batch of jews headed for an ‘oven.’ The officer and his family desperately try to find the son, but then realize he was “caught up” into the purpose of the officer: eliminating the jews in that camp.

    Now the parallel: I didn’t go into it deeply (obviously, so you need to watch this movie), but Trump has become that German officer [family] desperately looking for his son and then realizing he just got “caught up” within the selfish and illegal ways of Trump, his family and his campaign through his presidency thus far. Something like a [slow, in America] “comeuppance.” You’re going to see this even clearer when indictments are issued to Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and even possibly Eric and Ivanka.

  2. His Hair in the front look like two horns. Is he a devil ? Or, merely looking a bit horny ?

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