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  1. Like the picture of guy looking as if he is using a mobile phone and with that hair and couch and that window he has a bit to mobile about. Substitute him for other meat and dinner becomes may be a servings of a wandering sort.

  2. Imagine if the painter of “Boy with an anklet” had been a man instead of a woman… I suppose if I painted boys I would do it under a woman’s name, this being 2018.

  3. I love this painting. When I looked up this artist’s work I found that it is very, very interesting. I know that everyone sees and feels different things in artwork, which is what makes it so powerful. In this one, I see myself. I’ve been pondering the difference between images that are arousing because they are an object or vision of desire, and images that are arousing because in them one feels one’s own sensuality and sexuality. By the way, there is a long history of men painting images of sensual and nude boys, with very little criticism of it.

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