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  1. absolutely lovely. any idea what the sound track is? and is this the same guy who made the “world’s greatest wrestler” video?

    1. @Alzo thanks. The “deleted scenes of the worlds greatest wrestler” are some delectable display.
      As are this slow motion video.

  2. Fun to watch. But I’m surprised that they would allow boys with very long hair to just flop around like that — could get caught up / accidentally pulled. We were never allowed to have long hair like that (the blond early in the video) — to keep injuries down — plus it just gets in the way. If they wear a helmet of any kind, then the hair can be put away inside it. I’m going by how we wrestled in high school when long hair was becoming more the norm for boys.

  3. Pemboy, Did you ever get a stiffie wrestling boys as I hear this is quite common? The older boys in my neighbourhood, when I was 10, they would be 12 to 14.had a certain game that was above my head until I turned 12. It involved them lying on their backs with their hands under the small of their back lying on the lawn. I would sit buttocks level with their crotch and using my fingers I would type on their chest. I was the typist and they were the typewriter. Having used my two index fingers, they younger ones would get up giggling needing a pee. The older ones however would get semi or even stiff and ejaculated inside their shorts or jeans. I suppose that a kind of wrestling. Lol.

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