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When it comes to universal, relatable experiences there aren’t many that cross the gulfs of race, class and gender, but young love feels like something the majority of us would have experienced.

That puppy-dog infatuation where your body feels like it will explode with all the new emotions and feelings suddenly rushing through it is a feeling you’ll never forget. Bottling this experience, so we can all enjoy it once more, is four-minute animation SLICE from Yoann Roussin and Ylang Lebot.

The story of how a young boy decides to confront his best friend after an arousing dream stirs up some intense feelings, SLICE is an energetic animated short delivered in a comic book style. Employing split-screen and mobile phone overlays (complete with an authentic cracked screen), the film’s brief run-time places its viewers in the overworked headspace of its young protagonist as he sweats over whether to reveal all to his closest friend. Read on…


You can turn on subtitles in the bottom right of the player

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  1. Aww, this was adorable! Simple yet stylish animation, colourful and enjoyable to watch, thanks for sharing!

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