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  1. Is that a real tattoo on his left breast? Or just a “photoshop” for someone’s image? I’ve seen stamps before — in particular, a deer I think on his hind legs on the bodies of boys throughout the Internet.

  2. 😘An oldie but a goodie yet still way better than some we’ve had lately… Thanks Josh!

  3. It does not LOOK like a nipple, but, it looks like where a nipple might be, but, it looks different. He needs to come over and get a look / see. Then his hair and his underpant can get a going over. Oh … his arm also.

  4. It’s the lower lip that gets me, with his tongue right behind it like he might have a slight lisp.

    1. before taking the picture I would have asked him to lower a bit his shorts, the view of it doesn’t make it any better.

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