Sleepy Sunday *4

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Full-time childhood, an alien time in which everything around us is passed through pure bodies and perceptions. One eye and a soul that follow invisible trajectories; only the instinct and the senses reign, along with the imagination.

I Cormorani takes us on a transfigured journey into this total reality. The film is an experiment in meta-cinema. A direct drive trailing the wandering of Matteo and Samuele: two twelve year old boys who live their long, lazy days of summer between nature and civilisation. The forest, the river and the mall become another dimension for us who observe them.

Their intimacy and complicity transfigures them unaware, in objects, lights, sounds and smells: of life and man, amplifying their objectification in a sublime fashion. Their and our way of being in the world, to find a sense of meaning.

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      1. it did not get away back when it was filmed either. it was distributed by mail order, or so the story goes, and owning a physical (or these days digital) copy is enough for a one way ticket to the s*x offender registry

      1. +1, I can’t find it on any source I know, neither online streaming services or DVD stores. Can you get us a link or something? That would be very helpful :)

  1. Was this shown at cinemas in italy ? – Can’t find anything more than this short clip.
    Looks like such a nice natural and positive film .

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