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  1. Reminds me of many a morning during my boarding school days. waking up hard and trying to make it down to the bathroom to pee. I lived in a very repressed era.

    A little trivia – a morning erection driven by the need to urinate was called “piss proud” in the 18th century.

    Cute lad though

  2. This reminds me of a clip from some Australian TV show, probably around 20+ years ago. It showed a young teen (around 12-13?) also getting up from bed with a very visible erection in his briefs and he stood there for 2-3 seconds (as I remember it), not hiding his erection even a little bit. I wish I could remember the name of the series it was in.

    1. I’m trying my best to find this. I don’t think it was as long ago as 20 years now. A young blond lad of about 14 if I remember it. I’ll try my best and find it. I remember watching it. It may however be a rerun I remember?

      1. “I don’t think it was as long ago as 20 years now.”
        You MAY be right … but I distinctly remember recording this (30-minute show, I think) on my Betamax 900 at it’s highest speed.

        Also, I think he had on green or [similar] medium color briefs — close to bikini in style.

          1. No, at least NOT THIS episode …. and I don’t think it was this series as well. The boy I remember wasn’t as “lean” as this blond one — he wasn’t “fat” by any means either. And, you don’t SEE any erection either in this series. When did this series air? The one I’m referring to was on something like HBO or Showtime or similar where they’re not as restricted about language and sexuality.

            Interesting that Australia was/[is?*] just as behind in intelligence[i.e., religion]that America was as well at this time.

            * Australia is STILL FIGHTING AGAINST same-sex marriage.

  3. Maybe our Aussie Milkies can help us out? It was a tongue in cheek blond 14 year old boy in a kiddies TV Programme. He was seen to be in the bath when his mother walked in on him. He had wet dreams and it was all a bit near the knuckle. Help. lol. Come on. It must be getting up time in Oz. Send us the answer before cornflakes, fruit, tea and vegemite on toast time. It’s 18.26 GMT here.

  4. I’m not from Australia nor do I remember such a scene, but could be Lockie Leonard. A great show, at least first season, never saw the second for some reason.

  5. This who I was thinking of. Lockie Leonard. I don’t know if that was when Penboy was that on ng about though?

  6. This boy look so good in his boxers, too bad it only shows only a little he gets out of bed and wants off

  7. I think this boy he’s really cute, he looks some good half naked in his boxers, he takes off too bad and couldn’t stay

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