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      1. @It’s only Me … :

        OK, I like that … it’s a cute reply ….. you’re channeling my responses now. :-) But, I think the cute lad sitting on it is comfortable …. now …. since it was right after the engine was turned off so it’s all nice and warm. :-)))

    1. What lovely long legs and beautiful body. Yes, the best post in months. I hope we have many more such.

        1. “it looks to be a ’66 …”

          Just curious, why do you think it’s a ’66? Because of the rear quarter window or the taillight housing? I had a ’65 once, and I think, but not sure, that the ’65 rear quarter window was smaller but I also think that the ’65 and ’66 are very nearly the same body and the primary improvement to the ’66 is the slightly bigger engine — from a 1300cc to a 1500cc (but I’m not totally sure about this).

          I do know the ’67 has the first vertical headlights and not slanted inward to the fender (at least the U.S. productions models) and its front seats are still the “smaller-backed” ones just before the addition of the safety headrests that came out on the ’68 models.

        2. Penboy, I had a ’66 with a 1300 engine and the slightly larger windows like the one in this photo. My back windows actually swung open a bit, so you could run with the fronts wide open and you didn’t get that ear pressure from the wind. At the time, I also had a painful crush on a friend who looked much like this lad, same body type, same hair color and length… I saw him naked many times and he was similarly equipped, (only he was cut). It was a different time… I sent him many signals but he was only interested in fish. Ah, to have that Beetle again…

    1. “Thats a nice looking lunch box”

      Do you mean, the “hot dog” with a couple of rolls? :-)

  1. This is so cute:3. No one bothers with a context for the nudity, which I find charming, just sweet. Also, the haircut. . . really adorable boy , and just, its all nice <3

  2. It’s a Triumph 2000 — circa mid – 70s

    The car I mean… :)

    Whoever he is — he’s likely near the same age as me. Oh Boy … I wish we’d met.
    But then I’d have thought a nudist was plain weirdo.
    I was also super straight acting those years too…. sigh…..

    1. Actually looks like a Triumph 2500 PI the posh one! With those wheels looks like British Leyland era so I am guessing this is mid 1970s. The boy is nice too but does not look a day older the 14 so be careful as tasteful as the image is the legality is questionable.

  3. Cars? What cars? Oh wait a minute! I hadn’t notice there were some cars in this picture :)

  4. Oh my goodness, a very handsome and beautiful young man. He’s probably about the same age as me.

    Unfortunately the view of a Triumph in the pic brought back some sad memories for me. On the afternoon of May 29th, 1970 which was a Friday, I helped a friend of mine install an 8 track stereo in his late sixties Triumph GT6 in auto shop class in high school. Later that night, or actually early Saturday morning, he was rounding a left bend on a freeway at high speed when the car slid sideways and when the wheels hit the curb, the car flipped, then wrapped around a street light pole. He, and his passenger ( whom I also knew ) were killed instantly. He was 17 at the time. He was born in Watford, England. I didn’t find out until I was watching the Saturday evening news on TV. They had video of the smashed car, and showed the open passenger’s side door. The speaker I’d installed the day before was hanging out, attached only by the wires. I recall I sat there for hours, shaking. I just dug out the funeral service program. I’m now sitting here crying a bit thinking of him and the waste of a young life.

    Guys, please drive responsibly. If you die needlessly, the effect on people who know and love you will continue to be felt long after you’re gone.

    1. I would say you are indeed correct. The similarity of the black back roof pillar, along with the side view shape of the taillight, rear bumper and gas filler door appear to be identical. It sort of reminded me of an old Rover my sister in law had, way back when.

      And yes, it is a sad story. I’ve lost ALL of my close friends I had from my younger life to accidents or illnesses decades ago.

  5. I am in a mental maze about this site. I know of milkboys from … when? … and it is all lost from back then. I just yesterday re-find it from the DESTROYER site. This is NOTHING as I remember it. I am retarded and slow, so that explains all that, maybe. I like this oldie photo. The guy poses in an auto repair area or an auto parts yard. Thank you all for the gives and takes and debates and so on. Real people talk this way. Some sites allow nothing but polite useless remarks, nothing emotional. Anger is also human and ought to express itself in conversation. You cannot hit me here!! You MIGHT even threaten me and offer a fight. I know where to do that. HA HA, as if. FUN is what we want and anger can be fun too. OH … what is the guy looking at?

  6. I figure he is hetero. The rag he looks at looks too ragged for any thing at all but a paper rag, so to speak. So, he poses so and is out of it, and, homo or not, off he gets and goes. F. U. Safety is elsewhere. Especially if he is homo or a homo. I like the photo as he looks good as does the entire photo. He is not cut, not familiar to me from B&W days of gay male photog back in the 70’s and 80’s.

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