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  1. Right now, at his age, he can only be considered super-cute or even beautiful and possibly near-perfect — depending on what your tastes are. I’ll bet he has many “fans” — both male as well as female.

    Almost hard to believe and accept that within 25-45 years from now, it will be the exact opposite.

  2. Hi folks. It’s been a while since I have been on. It took 6 weeks for my and my then Poilceman Fiancee to do up the new house. I married my fiancee on Saturday 21st September. My new surname is my old surname Andetson
    I was born an Anderson becamec a Rooney when my PaternalvWidowed Aunt adopted me at 12. She died within 6 months. So now I’m married to an Anderson.
    He has kept his surname and I adopted his. My old surname is my new surname. I kept my old surname as a middle name in respect to my late name

    1. Congratulations! You’ve come full circle. Still wish I could see what you look like, ha ha!

    2. Congratulations. It has been observed that love is a temporary madness often cured by marriage. Love is like an hourglass, as the heart fills, the head empties. The best to you both!

  3. *Anderson and *late Aunt. I miss the old 4 minute countdown to respell any wrong words. If you go onto YouTube and type in Britain’s Got Talent Allstars and type in Bars and Melody you should see them now? Bars is 20 with blond hair and blue eyes and is a twink hunk. Little Melody is 18 with a half shaved black hair and brown eyes. My Gaydar went on overload. He’s a total femboy.

    1. Yes, I DID see their performances — 2 of them. I was surprised that both do their harmonies quite well. The surprise was the ‘rapping’ kid could actually sing as well as he does. Good for them. Their “Golden Buzzer” audition was very cute.

  4. *me *Policeman and *Paternal Widowed Aunt. Please bring back that 4 minutes reset button.

    Thanks Wordsworth. I’m 5 ft 2 in and hes 6 ft 4 or 5 in I think? Size 4 shoes for yours truley, size 13 Ploiceman boots for him. He looks a much much much butchier and taller and muscular version of me. I’m 31 hes now 29, thet is nearly 3 years between us. He calls me his boy wife. Lol. Thanks for the good wishes Wordsworth.

  5. hi, Penboy. I just got back from Hawaii. I thought about you. Too bad you weren’t there with us. We could have pushed you in as a sacrifice to the volcano! lol

    1. Ha! Then you would have seen my wrath of Pele — I’m the one who releases the mythical white bird in the volcano. Then I’d take you to South Point and let you be blown away by the wind.

  6. Congratulations, white rabbit. May you have a long, loving, healthy and happy life together. For an old-timer who grew up when being gay was illegal, it’s heartening to be able to celebrate a gay wedding.

    And the young sky-clad boy pictured above is gorgeous!

  7. This delightful creature is a Eastern European porn performer hampered by the appalling stage name of Zoe. What was his studio thinking?

  8. “I’m 5 ft 2 in and hes 6 ft 4 or 5 in I think? Size 4 shoes for yours truley, size 13 Ploiceman boots for him.”

    Whiterabbit, the difference in that math scares me, but as long as you two are happy, congratulations on your nuptials!

  9. Thank you Fizzbin, and the difference in the maths that lie between the legs are just as great. Lol. If you know what I mean?

    1. I’ll take a ‘size 4 “shoe” ‘ any day over a size 13 [“shoe”] — much sexier.

    2. Whiterabbit, I do know the difference you refer to. You think of all the nude guys you’ve seen over the years, first in the locker rooms, then in gay bars, admiring all of that dangling equipment. Then you find a guy to live with for months or years. If you’re lucky, like you, you marry a good catch. I just for me couldn’t imagine having sex with someone as well built as your husband; I’ll jokingly agree with Penboy and take the “size 4 shoe.”

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