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  1. He’s wonderful, and aside from being uncut, he reminds me so much of a special buddy I had back in the day.

    1. Distant Admirer, Did you have fun in the woods? I hope you keep your socks and boots on to protect your feet and a hat for your head and a rucksack to put your clothes in. Once when I was 13 in the scouts I wandered from the camp and came across boys between 14 and 16 in such a state. They were drinking beer cans. I waited until they got quite drunk and gave them all a blowjob. What makes young straight boys go queer. Alcohol and testosterone. (And lack of Adults).

        1. It would have done if you ever in the Scouts. (This happened 18 years ago, come summer) . That’s my Lunch Break over. Tara the noo.

      1. Yes, I did have fun in the woods. I did actually got completely naked and left my stuff hidden, to walk around completely naked. Not much. But still there was a tiny small chance that someone could see me. That was an exciting part.

  2. He’d certainly be an “interesting find” while hiking in the woods! LOL A perfect photo of “wild life” too.

      1. SKYCLAD = cycladia = PCP = NAKED. From very old pre-English. “clad” or old clasp and “sky” from old for tree. While being naked. Some whore gets to mean that and only that. — How a word from the Roman invaders and a through to today is hard to follow. Know that “they” then do witness and record naked tree hugging, a worship. Not the only place in world does this happen. weee seeee in photo.

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