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  1. Is that some kind of a side-by-side pauper’s coffin for 2 he’s rising vampire-like from? Anyway, let’s make a deal – he can suck my blood if I can sick his mouthwatering dick. Lemme know …

  2. Looks more like an URBAN IMP preparing to pounce down upon a hapless prey. URBAN IMPS are violent, sexually aggressive, selfish, and predatory. The cabinet it seems to be half out of is obviously for storage of you after capture. You get to suck its dick before your death if it’s being “nice”, or, before your conversion [another story] .

    OH ! REAL VAMPIRES do not suck your blood. That is mere polite regale. They do what they do much more painfully. SEX ? With a VAMPIRE ? Oooo ! But, that’s another polite regale.

    1. Sexy IMPS and Sexy VAMPIRES do not, and, can not, have sex to reproduce. Nor FAIRIES, TROLLS, NYMPHS, nor any other of natures’ sex abominates. They may get you by SEX, and, or, or, by SEXINESS, but, then, either, re-configure you, or, eat you, even if they rape you.
      — THEY ALL LOVE TO SEX WITH US HUMANS. They exclusively prevail all such encounters and encountering. You they seduce. Or, you they rape. Or, both.
      — ALL their reproducing is non-sexual. ALL their entrance is SEXUAL.
      — For example, SEXY VAMPIRES convert by “blood baptism”, but, such “sex” is theirs, not ours, and, NO THING like the pleasant regale of polite books and tender movies do SEXY VAMPIRES do. They do much more than suck your blood. ha ha ha .
      — The boy /guy maybe a VAMPIRE, or, some URBAN IMP, in the cup board, in the picture, will do MUCH more than be CU TE and SEXY. …… ♂☮🍸

  3. Very Nice. He looks very similar to someone I see regularly in Starbucks in my area — face, anyway — don’t know about the rest, but if he’s anything like this one, I’d love to know more.

  4. @horselips He’s crouching on a shelf in a vertical cupboard – not in a horizontal coffin.

    1. “not in a horizontal coffin.”

      You need to understand how chrisssssstians view life: they’re so obsessed with death and “the rapture,” they look at everything as an excuse to expect death and the asinine idea that “souls” rise up and fly into the sky as some kind “heaven” — after all, he’s paid his priest hundreds of dollars for trip fee. Why else do you think he’s so obsessed with the gun culture?

  5. “obsessed with the gun culture” ? The USA / Europe / any moderna is not “obsessed” with the gun “culture” any more than the Japanese who / which deletes the samurai with the armies with the gun.
    — WHO deletes the liking of the guy in the cabinet ? NOT THIS GUY.
    — PROHIBIT does not mean delete. THE “THEM” are “obsessed” with sex and sexy guys. WE like the sexy guys.. THE “THEM” use guns to kill us for liking what THE “THEM” constantly observe us liking and preferring. Who is the real faggot ? ha ha ha …
    — OR, where / what is the any “obsessed” ? ha ha ha It seems that THE “THEM” are sex, cock, cunt, and gun “obsessed”.
    — So are some of us. ha ha ha
    — May my soul fly away to heavens above, none of which do believe ha ha ha

  6. URBAN IMP a coming out
    This is not some URBAN IMP of experience because the picture (and the photog) exist. The picture is of some IT a COMING OUT to attack and fuck its prey. See IT’s being hard on. The photog is lucky to not be of Its sense or they’d be dead.
    — You do ask. 👽 ∰

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