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  1. I’ve seen videos of these young gentlemen. They normally decorate each other for special occasions a casual act of friendship, a very lovely thing.

  2. This Suri has legs longer than a Masai or an antelope.
    Only a few thousands left of this beautiful tribe…
    I am not sure he qualifies for skyclad though: He is dressed with dots of white clay! ;)

    You can find more such pictures on Pinterest, or these ethnic faces too:
    They look like a Yann Arthus-Bertrand movie…

  3. I’ve seen many black & white (and color) photos of of these young African men (I think from 2 or 3 different tribes) and every one are quite beautiful. For all of what general history says about the beauty of the female (i.e., Venus, etc), the young male is every bit as beautiful — if not more so.

    Other tribes that have been photographed and are, in their own way, equally beautiful are the Amazonian tribesmen of Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and others.

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