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  1. Aw C’mon, the world is full of pretty dicks. In my experience, very few aren’t. His low-hangers and great body are equally impressive.

  2. Almost redefining “hung.” And to those that want to think Asians only have small genitalia. Presenting …. Exhibit A. …….. And when it expands?

    That’s enough to choke on.

  3. I haven’t seen such beautiful howhangers an an Asian boy, all of him is simply awesome.

  4. Looking at the road construction I somewhat think he’s American
    So perhaps some European heritage accounts for the un-Asian bit,,

    Whatever,,,, he’s a lucky guy all round and his friends are luckier. :)

    Seems to me as generations go by,,,, that young guys get more and more good looking every year.
    I certainly don’t recall such an abundance of handsomeness when I was a teen / twenties etc.

    1. “So perhaps some European heritage accounts for the un-Asian bit,,”

      What’s “un-Asian” about him? I’ve seen plenty of Asians that are (and have been) just as hung as this one — in both “departments.” Pure Asians are quite capable (and are) to have what you (and so many others) seem to think is not “Asian.” I’ve been with a pure Chinese sporting a 10-inch erection and several others (including Filipinos) that have 7-9-inches as well.

      And I’ve been with many Latins and blacks who would be considered “small” by those same people who stereotype Asians.

      Size makes no difference to their personalities.

  5. Like boys? Here ya go – over an hour and a half of ’em. Lots of great young bodies, and some are sporting nice bulges. It’s an all-you-can-eat eye candy buffet.

    These are Russian boys, and Mother Russia is one big tough neighborhood to grow up in. They’re all fighting boys, brave young gladiators, ready to go one-on- one with guys their own size – to pin or be pinned, or fight to exhaustion. Each one is a mother-lode of delicious “toxic masculinity.” Pussies need not apply.

    Let your mind wander to the locker room and showers when the mass weigh-in is over. Acres of lean, tight. ripped boy flesh – naked and wet ……

    1. Theres a fine line between ephebophiles and the other kind, careful you don’t fall off it

      1. Most of those guys are in that magical age of 12-14 – from their musculature they’re adolescents for sure – certainly pubescent – but for many of them their growth spurt is still a year or two away.

    2. Whoever shot that video appears to be an obvious racist — he cuts short the visuals for anyone who looks Asian-ish, but lingers on all that are more blond-ish.

  6. Modern anthropology follows the molars of the dead and find the different tooth molars from Africa v Middle East v India v China v under Asia v Australia v Pacific islanders v northern China v America north v America south. F all skin colors and penis size.
    — There are oddities and irregulars.

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