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  1. Well hung tackle there. Great pic.
    No people wanted all the posts on the one site Cpt Proton, I think

    1. I never saw an official announcement saying that Josh was going to stick to one site, but I hope so. No need for Josh to double his workload.

    1. I agree. But even from this angle, it appears he is pretty good looking (depending on your prerequisites).

      The main fault (for me) are the large lobes.

  2. I have a warm spot, well, actually two warm spots, for double- radiused recurved cocks.

  3. Looks a bit odd to me for one reason. Most guys are whiter around the groin area since they aren’t sunbathing nude. In this guys’ case he appears to be darker in that area, like he covered up everything but that area while sunbathing.

    Nice dick though and my type of body.

    1. @Darius
      I would surmise that is his pubes shaved
      Even though he is not muscular or built up, I like slender rather than heavy set so I better like skinny too. I would smile and be very happy if he stopped to talk with me. I had a guy do that yesterday, yay, very exciting.

    2. The ‘darkness’ is just the pattern of shaved pubis hair. Otherwise he looks very ‘even’ in his pigmentation — actually looks like either he’s never been in the sun for a length of time or that he’s ‘tanned’ all over, quite evenly.

      And, actually, the penis, scrotum and anus area can be either darker or even multi-toned in colors — quite normal for most humans — even with “lines” delineating the separation of tones (sometimes with “seams” on the scrotum and ‘taint’ areas).

  4. Fascinates me how something like this can be incredibly attractive to some, and incredibly not to others. Guess it would be boring if we were all attracted to the same thing.

  5. Those that are nitpicky tend to be the ones not having much sex. It works in both directions… No sex, become more nitpicky. More nitpicky, no sex. A downward spiral.

    I wouldn’t kick this cutie one out of my bedroom any day. Come on over!

  6. I bet that kid has worked in Burger King before. It’s probably not the first time that young lad has asked to try a taste of his “Double Whopper”? 😘 Hopefully without cheese. 😌

  7. Skyclad Saturday *31 milkboys 2018-06-02 Skyclad Saturday …
    — Do NOT like this picture. Looks phony [admixture] as well as less than interesting as it is. No face

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