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  1. It’s the movie Gladiator – the uncut version. Instead of just seeing a hand waft through the wheat, we see a hot young ass. Ave Caesar.

    1. are you kidding? or really it’s from the movie?
      if so, how can i get the uncut version of deleted scenes?

      1. my version of the movie is CUT ???????? AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

        stupid barbarous cretin puritan do-gooder’s! Like such a sight could cause eye cancer and fried brains! Idiot americans!

        HALP, me needs a link to this content!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Yeah….. I have watched GLADIATOR again, it is definitely an adult male hand…

          me bad….. :-(

          Sorry, but censorship of any kind brings the worst within me to the daylight, for everyone to see…

  2. OK, horsey, I definitely have to give you a +1 for this one. … Nice touch …. ooh, the gullibility! …… [and christians would know {?} about this so well!]

    Most definitely a pleasing body and buttocks!

  3. “It’s the movie Gladiator – the uncut version”
    WHEAT a second… there’s a GRAIN of truth in what he’s saying: i watched Gladiator YEASTerday and that scene is inGRAINed in my mind! <- said with a RYE smile :)

    1. He’s had me there. I admit it! good job! I jumped straight onto the train without thinking, haha ;-D

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