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  1. I think both of these two boys I think are really cute, they look good naked, they both got a nice penis and I would love to suck both of their penis, they would love how I suck it, they would want me to keep going, they definitely would have a orgasm, they would be sperming in my mouth

    1. “I think both of these two boys I think are really cute,”

      Just curious, how did you come to that conclusion for the one on the left? Just because he’s nude? Or is it you want him to be cute?

      Unless, of course, you have another/different view of these same two boys?

  2. Very hot boys. Surprised to see the boy on the right has shaved his pubes. Back in the day of B&W porn, we proudly kept our bushes.

    1. Unless he isn’t very good at shaving – I suspect these fellows are just getting their pubes – not that the one is shaved. They are a fine looking pair of fellows – wish there was more to view.

  3. Lovely photo, first comment should be toned down a bit while the remark about shaved pubes is utter rubbish. The boy has pubes but not fully grown yet. Nice to see a black and white photo showing two natural happy boys together, thanks.

    1. “first comment should be toned down a bit”

      I agree. I’m not quite a naturist myself, but I believe one could still enjoy nudity without being obscene about it…at least in this picture anyway.

    2. “first comment should be toned down a bit”

      And how do you suppose a “typical” [male] Internet surfer [educated in the Western world] would comment on a “similar” photo — except with 2 girls, 16-18 y.o. fully nude?

  4. My first thought is that this is a vintage b&w photo of 2 Italian boys during the 1970s sitting on a small fishing boat at the seaside of Italy/Sicilië.

    Very nice — all of it. Especially like the long hair on them (not to take away from their very nice and toned bodies.) Maybe they’re at the start of a pair of 6-pacs?

  5. I think both comments are valid, aesthetics are perfect but the sexy nature of the photos means explicit comments are also valid and fun, especially on this site where both endearment and porn both rule.

  6. I would love to be their friend, I would get naked with them, I got naked with my friends before, I don’t see nothing wrong with it, I keep on looking at his butt, and especially his penis, I love penis so much that’s why

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