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    1. As an American, it took a long time of cultural deprograming to finally see a circumcised penis for what it actually is.

    2. @long john:
      “Mutilated genitals,”

      Every time you want to say/post something like this, just remember one thing: It’s YOUR parents who want to have and see your “mutilated genitals.” It was THEIR word to have it done.

      Have fun masturbating to other boys who just happen to be circumcised.

  1. Let’s see, water nearby ………… Shark bait!

    Hmmm, wonder if his [upper] hair is “bleached/dyed.” His pubic hair is very “ginger.”

    1. I think it’s some kind of jewelry suspended from a pierced navel. Whatever it is or isn’t, he’s young, handsome, slender, fit, and I love his dick.

  2. I always wonder about where these guys are now. I had a crush on him when his pics came out around 8-10 years (I think). Is he a computer programmer? A model? A bartender? Married? A drunk slob at the end of the bar? Well, he gave me a lot of fun times in the past.

      1. who could forget him. such an amazing body and back then for some reason his pool bleached hair really turned me on…but mostly it was that little pecker poking forward.

      2. I had a little bit of background on Grey Speedo Boy, but unfortunately it’s locked in a memory stick that just stopped working. He went to a school on an island in south USA California.

        1. Scott Stanford (the photographer) on April 25, 2013 at 5:54 pm said:

          “His name is Pedro and he’s from Mexico. Photographed in 2004 at Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach, California during a water polo tournament. He was an exchange student during 2004 and moved back to Mexico shortly after the infamous photos were taken.”

          Scott also said that he had another picture of Pedro years later that showed he had aged badly. Unfortunately that photo link goes to a 404 page.

  3. I think this boy he is so cute, he looks good naked, he has a nice penis, and I would love to suck his penis all the time I would too.

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