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  1. I want that up my arse and in my mouth. Mouth first as I don’t like the smell or taste of poo.

    For all you femme boy bottom lovers out there, here’s a pic that should get you hard and cum in your underpants. And he’s fully clothed. I prefer the butch hung like horses studs that fuck you till raw, nut inside you and seed you until you faint, and go about looking for another bitch go breed. One of my last boyfreinds was kinkiy. I dressed as alter boy, him a priest.

    So here he is folks.

  2. Well, it said so right on the box: “BIG VALUE.”
    Maybe eating their mashed potatoes gives these British vegetarian teens working on naturist organic hop farms this special something…

    By the way, Yeoman mash (a Mars brand that came before Cadbury’s Smash rival) still sells today, 40 years or so after this picture was taken. 5 pounds for 12 pounds. Mmm, I guess that’s why they switched to the metric system. After the Brexit, I guess they’ve gone back to guineas and farthing quarter penis ;) with the cute little wren on its back.

    1. While I enjoy a good real mashed potato side, I can’t imagine the laziness and tastebuds of any of these instant potato mixes. It doesn’t take that much effort to boil and mash up REAL potatoes and then add in some butter and milk or cream.

  3. Isn’t it truly (curiously) amazing that evolution has treated the human penis (and maybe to a lesser degree, testes and scrotums) with such divergence in size and texture? Biologically, why would it be necessary for one human (or a particular tribe of humans) to have such a larger or even smaller penis than, say, the “typical average” human throughout the world? And is it purely environmental for a particular tribe to have developed genetically large penises (say, central Africa)?

    Interesting that we don’t know the answers to those, yet every society places sexuality (in some form) at the top or nearly the top of discussions and activities.

    1. Isn’t the story about the typical asian eyes characteristics, about a king who preferred women with that specific characteristic and therefor and because he had so many children is the reason for that? Perhaps that the same here…?
      It is always about whose genes are passed on the most and which circumstances are positive for the survival of the group. This is also the reason why there are homosexuals and homosexuality.

      1. Marvin:
        “Isn’t the story about the typical asian eyes characteristics, about a king who preferred women with that specific characteristic and therefor and because he had so many children is the reason for that?”

        You’re either expressing your own interpretation of The King And I and trying to turn it into your own folklore, or you’re misinterpreting “Noah’s Ark fable” in the bible with all that incestual reproduction.

        “It is always about whose genes are passed on the most and which circumstances are positive for the survival of the group.”

        I’m aware of that, but two things:

        1. I’ve never seen ANY primate that has a penis as large as many humans have — and we DID EVOLVE from them (or at least one of them — Chimpanzees as our “cousins”).

        2. What you’re referring to is also attributed to environment — witness the changes in the beaks of the finches that Charles Darwin wrote about (specifically).

        “This is also the reason why there are homosexuals and homosexuality.”
        As nature’s contraception? Or, just a difference (“mutation?”) such as color of eyes, one being either left- or right- handed or even the color differences of hair?

          1. Nobody says that… humans are not descended from monkeys or any other primate living today. But we do share a common ape ancestor.

        1. I looked it up and this is just one theory, tribal leaders (so have the ability to take care of there offspring -> many children who grow up healthy and spread the gene) with many wifes preferred this mutation and therefore it carried one and spread, the other one is that people with this eyeform had an advantage.

          To the gay thing: I always believed and found it very plausible that homosexuality is implemented by nature (evolution) for the benefit of the group. Evolution wants to spread the genes. And I say it is for the better that there are some men in the group that are not interested in that (spreading there genes) but still capable to have offspring if they need to (other men dead) and that it is positive for the whole group and therefore more likely for the genes to carry on. There is less (sexual) competition, and at the same time someone to take care of the offspring (protecting). And because the groups with gays had an advantage over others (got killed by other groups or died because they were not prepared for winter etc., if every male wants to have as many partners as possible it can be very distracting, not good for preparation), the gene responsible for being gay were carried on.

          1. Marvin:
            “And who the hell has designed the structure of this comment section…”

            I’ve noticed and asked about this utter stupidity since this blog was re-designed. Glad someone else has finally noticed and said something as well.

        2. Predominantly, the homosexuality that occurs in the other primates is between juvenile males and adult males, or between two juvenile males, not between two males (which is called “homosexuality” today). The anthropologists observed social functions for these sexual relationships.

          Any theorizing (like what you’re doing here) based on the “homosexuality” of today has little observed basis in nature – probably because, just as in humans, it’s pretty rare that a male is attracted to adult male masculine sexual characteristics as opposed to boys.

          1. I don’t know what you think homosexually means, for me it simple stands for attraction to the same (male) gender, a age is nowhere mentioned. I do even believe, pedophilia and ephebophilia has the same function in nature, you could even say that makes them even more important as a caregiver. If nature wants someone to care about someone else, using sexual attraction is a really good effective way. Why should you care about the offspring of someone else (in a pre-cultural time)?

            But when you say adult male to adult male attraction is rare you also have to say that about heterosexuality? Hetero-males are also more attracted to characteristics typical for younger females. Which also can naturally be explained, children coming out off this relationship are healthier. Gays simple don’t have to bear the brunt of raising children, but nowadays gays often can “have” children and in this cases you can see that too, they stay together, same age etc. Gays adopted the lifestyle because they had to, to be somewhat happy.

            That we behave in a different way is, I think, to be mostly culturally explained and off-course, because we live much longer, that simple fact needs a lot of adaptation.

          2. And who the hell has designed the structure of this comment section…

          3. One think I need to say: You really make me think that perhaps the culturally accepted “gay” person doesn’t really exist, and that this culturally formed gay-corset is nothing more than the tolerated form which the Gay-person overcoated for his own sake…

          4. I try not to use the term “homosexuality” as it encompasses everyone, if interpreted literally. It’s used today mostly, but not always, to describe androphilic homosexuality: adult men begin attracted to other men. Even for boys, it’s not a very good term: most boys who like other boys (as opposed to liking only men and not boys) grow up to be heterosexual or permanently attracted to boys. Most “heterosexual” men have the capacity for being attracted to adolescent boys.

      2. @horsey, the idiot:
        “As far as evolving from monkeys, speak for yourself.”

        I didn’t SAY “monkeys,” did I? But any 14-y.o. or older KNOWS we evolved from PRIMATES. So, I speak for everyone. Please, stop confirming yourself to be the real idiot I keep saying you are.

        Humans are primates. Physical and genetic similarities show that the modern human species, Homo sapiens, has a very close relationship to another group of primate species, the apes. Humans and the great apes (large apes) of Africa — chimpanzees (including bonobos, or so-called “pygmy chimpanzees”) and gorillas — share a common ancestor that lived between 8 and 6 million years ago.”

        Give it up, horsey, you’re presenting yourself as stupid as Ken Ham and his creation museum.

        1. Like I said, speak for yourself. Now, get back up in the trees where you belong.

      3. Marvin (and others):
        “Hetero-males are also more attracted to characteristics typical for younger females.”

        As homosexual males are also more attracted to characteristics typical for younger males. (Hence this blog as a very tiny example.) I’m not going into more details about older->younger and younger->older attractions other than it’s not only extremely common, but also (to certain degrees, of course) exactly what is biologically expected of humanity. Because of our ability to think and our sensual desires, the ages of “peak” reproduction are late teens and early twenties.

        Remember, throughout the world for centuries, humans have been reproducing primarily just into and after puberty. Historic America documents this (as nearly every other society) with the marrying off of teens as young as 14, even 13 if the male can produce usable semen/sperm. Females have always started puberty earlier than males because it was necessary for them to do so and successfully produce children as well as feed them in their earliest years.

        Humanity (generally) are at their most attractive during and after puberty and through the next approximate 10 years. This isn’t just “my opinion,” it’s biology in humans. Of course, this is not to say that older humans aren’t attracted to an “equal” age, but there’s biological and psychological reasons why it’s the YOUNGER who marry and reproduce in the majority — so that the parents can be around while the younger reach their biological maturity (puberty and shortly after) and continue the cycles.

        This is biology, from the lowest mammals to humans. Mental maturity isn’t a primary reason or purpose to continue the species, just sexual maturity. That’s why sexual curiosity begins at early ages and generally never leaves us. It’s also why sex happens first and then many times we [parents] ask, “Why didn’t you think first?” Sexual attraction is *far stronger than mental attraction.*

        1. “As homosexual males are also more attracted to characteristics typical for younger males.”

          Not really true, unless you could 27 year olds as “younger” males.

          1. “Not really true, unless you could 27 year olds as “younger” males.”

            Yes, it is. And btw, 27-y.o. is younger than, say, 35 y.o. or 45 y.o. or 65 y.o. Elementary math. MANY older men are attracted to the characteristics of younger MEN (as well as even younger).

            Give it up. Your brainwashing of all things “feminism” doesn’t wash any more, no matter how much you rub it.

            You clearly read an article or even read a book that appeared to describe YOUR characteristics and decided it’s for EVERYONE. It doesn’t work that way (never did).

  4. Reminds me of my boyfriend at the moment, as well as several ex boyfriends. I admit I’m a size Queen although I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum size wise myself. But I have perfect bubble butt and most of my exes have been total tops, so my tiny dick is neither here nor there. My mouth and other orifices water just looking at that photo. But I’ll have that to look forward to later today after he comes back from football practise. I just had that last night and this morning. 28 cms of it. 22 of that soft.

    1. “But I have perfect bubble butt

      As the saying goes, “perfection” is in the eye of the beholder and we haven’t seen anything to corroborate your claim. :-)

  5. I’ll think about it Penboy. I sent another post early this morning, and I’ve just noticed it’s still awaiting moderation. Why the hell can that be? It was in the same vein as this, maybe not so graphic about my boyfriend and his cock but it gave a link to a Ronan Parke photo. Above chest only with him wearing a jumper and biting on a solid gold chain. The best of it when I sent it, at the same time as I sent that link to Owen Jones. It went through. So after going through how can it revert to awaiting moderation? I’ll tell you what Pen Boy, if I show you mine you must show me yours. And I don’t mean your butt either. I have absolutely no interest in that part of the anatomy. When I told my current boyfriend that, he replied,, “thank fuck for that”. I think he was looking for a total bottom boy all of his life and last in October he found me. And I LOVE total tops. So we are a perfect match made in heaven.

    1. “I’ll think about it Penboy.”

      Don’t take that too literally … I was teasing you … just because you used the word/concept, “perfect.” And as far as a pic of me, my paltry 7″ is nothing to brag about. I’m only of German, French and Irish descent (mostly).

      And I still have a comment “awaiting moderation” as well. And it was a link to the Smithsonian, of all places — nothing even remotely sexual.

      1. Although I’m Scottish and now live in the South of Scotland, for the first 11 years of my life I lived where I was born and countless generations of my folks were born in the Shetland Islands in the extreme North of Scotland. The Orkney and Shetland Islands along with the Western Isles and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland were conquered by the Vikings in 898 AD and belonged to the Norwegian Crown until 1282 when the North of Scotland along with Norway was inherited by the Danish Crown until the Danes sold it to the Scottish Crown in 1474 as they were skint. So my ancestors are Viking. Probably explains my lilly white skin, white hair and pale blue eyes. When my parents died and I was adopted by my Aunt, (my Paternal Aunt), I inherited her married name. Which I still have out of respect for her. She died when I was nearly 13 and went into care. My name before 12, and only the last name is different, was Stephen James Erik Harald Olaf Magnus Olsen Anderson.

        I now go by my adopted surname, but my boyfriend, or should I say my soulmate wants to marry me in about 3 years from now. We are yet to be engaged. His name is Andrew Steven Anderson. So when I marry him, I’ll revert back to my birthname. He’s a Policeman.

    1. Easy. It’s not a pornographic image. Nudity, as in naturism, is not illegal. However, if he was pictured with an erection or involved in any sex act, that would cross a line or two. As it is, he’s just a boy in a nudist camp enjoying a picnic. Relax and chill.

      1. “As it is, he’s just a boy in a nudist camp enjoying a picnic.”
        He’s no boy, he’s a full teen-ager, or biologically, an “adult” fully capable of human reproduction — passing on his genes/chromosomes and whoever he chooses to be with, will most probably enjoy his many attempts.

        What’s most definitely immature, are our laws regarding “adulthood”.

  6. Ah yes, the ole nudist colony defense. Where it is alright to have images and videos of children’s genetalia as long as it’s in a fun candid situation with no (overtly) sexual tones. Nothing about this conveys the boy is at a nudist camp, and the small corner of a table does not indicate that he is most definitely just at a picnic. It is plain and simply an image of an under-legal-age boy and his genitals.

    The consistent posts of underage children, er, sorry, grown teenagers pose serious risk to this beloved blog being shut down. Although the blog is down as often as it’s up, so maybe these kinds of posts will go undetected. The only reason I even risk coming here lately is because I use a VPN. Best of luck with your nudist picnic defense when the law comes breaking down your doors.

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