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        Thanks for the “effort,” but I won’t “sign in.”

  1. The model is super cute, but picturing a boy “au naturel” in such an artificial studio environment and lighting seems to be a poor choice. It’s probably the reason why the photographer could allow only two colors on a model who deserves so many more…

    Instead of Facebook’s “Like” button, Milkboys should implement a “Kiss” button! ;)

    1. “Milkboys should implement a “Kiss” button!”

      A “kiss” button for “Like” and a “fart” button for “dislike”?

    1. I think the reason the scar looks expanded is because his penis is in a slight state of erection …. not nearly semi-erect yet, but still not fully flaccid.

  2. Skyclad:

    ….. And as the sign that ye are truly free,
    ….. Ye shall be naked in your rites, both men
    ….. And women also: this shall last until
    ….. The last of your oppressors shall be dead

    From Charles Godfrey Leland’s 1899 book, Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches.

    “The naked body represents truth, the truth that goes deeper than social custom”

  3. I like him, liprings and all. He doesn’t need to shave down there to be attractive though.

    1. It doesn’t make him unattractive either … and it helps to keep him clean (easier clean-up after the fun).

  4. re: shaving pubic hair

    I find almost comical the hypocrisy of people saying others shouldn’t shave their pubic hair — it should be left “natural” (whatever that should be).

    Yet, so many of those same people go around with [what I think is] ridiculous hair cuts — shaving the sides (and backs as well) of their heads in what seems to be the latest “fashion.” And so many people are coloring their [head] hair blue, green, neon yellow, and any shade between those.

    If you’re going to be bizarre with the hair on top of your head, why the fuck are you [they] complaining about someone shaving their pubic hair? Adults shave the mustaches and beards, backs, and other places, so what’s the problem with shaving their pubic areas?

    Most of the time, they say shaving the pubes is just to make themselves appear younger. And some will counter that shaving keeps the hair away from their mouths, eyes or elsewhere during a sex act. And others say that shaving the area at least makes the penis LOOK “bigger” — with societies’ way of saying men are “impotent” if their penis isn’t “big enough.”

    Well, I say shaving their heads makes them look more stupid.

  5. Those delicious balls need emptying. Can I volunteer to do this thankless task? I’ll even do it tied up.

    What a gorgeous young man. And a lovely cock to boot.

  6. I think this guy he’s really cute he looks good, he looks good naked, he has a nice penis and I would love to suck it.

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