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  1. Seriously crap apartment.
    No wonder he has to hire a Rent Boy to get some beauty into his sad ass life.

  2. actually thats a porn clip from debt dandy.the apt in that clip belongs to the young guy as in every clip.the guy sitting down is a money lender who comes over to lend them money to get out of debt.after he calculates all that they owe he then offers the amount in cash interest free on one condition they are his sex toy for 1 hr.obviously in all clips the guy agrees and there are over 116 clips so far .some guys are believable as in they never been with a guy before but the majority pretty much

  3. Debt, Interesting website. It is a paid site, I very seldom pay for sites. Since this is a paid site I can see where they can just make up story after story and not have to base it on any thing real. I suppose it is fun to watch, but after 10 or so I bet it gets boring. I did not check out the price so I don’t know what they charge. Just when I thought I have seen everything on the internet someone has an idea to make money on a different concept. Always learning. Reality TV comes to the internet. Hot guy however!!

  4. Actually, there’s a pretty good argument to be made that the internet is responsible for how popular reality TV is today. I still can’t believe how many people made a living streaming webcams of themselves just going about their normal lives in the very late 90’s and early 2000’s..

  5. @Upi:
    “Seriously crap apartment.”

    Why? It’s simple, neat and seems to have only what he feels is important to him. I would agree that the “pile” of plastic-wrapped drinking cans is not attractive, it’s also not a total mess, either.

    My only criticism of the “cleaner” — why use a vacuum cleaner on a wood floor when a dust/mop would do and be preferable to keeping the floor clean.

    Except [probably] that the vacuum is the obvious precursor to what milkboys 4eva alludes to. Which in case, that sucks! :-)

    And again, why is it when I click on Reply, it won’t “reply” but instead, create a new comment?

  6. I have a huge thing for this particular porn actor. And I mean that in both ways you could interpret that!

  7. “I have a huge thing for this particular porn actor. And I mean that in both ways you could interpret that!”

    Depending, of course, on how you define and measure “huge.”


    And, would the feminist movement agree?

  8. أعوذ بالله من غضب الله ومقته. اللهم اهدنا بهداک، وأعذنا من شرور أنفسنا ومن سیئات أعمالنا، آمین. اللهم أنقذني من شهوتي، اللهم أخرجني من وجود غفلتي، آمین.

  9. STUPID “someone”:
    [Bing translation:] “I seek refuge in God from God’s wrath and vengeance. O Lord, guide us and our بهداک from the evils of ourselves and of our سیئات, Amin. Oh God save me from appetites, Oh God, get me out of there inadvertences, Amin.”

    Whoever is running this blog:

    Are you going to just leave this trolling crap in here?

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