Skirts for Shorts

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Breaking gender norms, especially for practical reasons, is not just for queer activists. With temperatures sometimes close to 40°C currently plaguing many parts of Europe, there are school boys who also wanted in on the action.

Some had borrowed from girlfriends, others from sisters. A few had gone the extra mile and shaved their legs.

About 30 boys in  in Devon, England wore skirts to school in protest at being told they were not allowed to wear shorts to school. Head teacher Aimee Mitchell said shorts were ‘not part’ of the school uniform.

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  1. I applaud their protest and what they are trying to achieve but, assuming they are all part of a boys school, why didn’t they just organise everyone to wear shorts and force the school to acknowledge their cause?

    If they all wore shorts, the school couldn’t possibly discipline all of them without drawing adverse attention to themselves.

    1. It’s not a boys school. It’s co-ed and they’re wearing the uniform dress.

      I wish they’d worn the kilt.

    2. The clue as to why they wore skirts is in the headmasters response: “Shorts are not part of the uniform”. Which means the headmaster doesn’t give a toss about the well-being of students. The only thing deluded tossers like him care about, is ensuring students conform to the rules. Which is exactly what they did. And in the process they have made him look like the A-Star twat he truly is.

  2. A big thumbs UP for these boys. Hey, schools, if you’re going to FORCE students to wear “your” uniform, then provide the clothing appropriate for the weather and what the students want to wear. And don’t complain or punish because a boy has hairy legs.

    And a nice side-effect of this is for the boys (and girls) who like certain boys — they get to see a bit more of their bodies. And don’t think many of these boys won’t play around and lift their skirts to tease all who want to look! Curious as to how many would take this opportunity to wear the skimpiest underwear … or none! For the showoffs, this can be sort of a “legal” (albeit a PG one) “sexting.”

    Definitely some cuties in the above photo.

    1. Although I said in a previous thread they were cute in skirts, I think wearing skirts as a protest is not the way to go. They should take off their shirts, put their cute ties back on, take off the skirts and parade about in their underpants. If they wear boxers I will personally supervise them removing them under instruction and putting on tighty whiteys. As thin a material as possible. And the boys shouldn’t shave their legs. I like a hairy leg on a boy. Even as young as they are. I usually go for Daddies. I’m not being kinky, just curious.

      1. As I said before, you never fail in providing something as a basis for some kind of porn. Not complaining or criticizing, just “noting.” :-)

        “I usually go for Daddies. I’m not being kinky, just curious.”
        That depends on who’s viewing/reading your “porn.” :-)

        But, keep it up, always a nice read.

  3. I think they did the exact right thing.
    1. Bigger impact then wearing shorts. My evening news in the US mentioned this event, so it went global.
    2. Sarcastic comment or not they were given permission to wear skirts. Hard to argue they were disobeying rules.

    1. Corbra, I very much doubt anyone in authority “gave permission”. The rules state what is acceptable uniform. The rules don’t (and can’t) state which gender must wear what. (That would be considered sexist and totally unacceptable)

  4. Cheers Penboy. Those naughty boys need a good spanking. And I’ve discovered if they think they are the ones in control, (which in my case, they most certainly are) and they think I’m the Bitch, (which in my case, I most certainly am), they will accept a good spanking. I’m talking about my golden youth days of course. Like many boys told me personally in the home and my Scout Group, “Your only really Queer if you take it up the arse”. And boy were they correct. I was the biggest Queer in camp.

  5. I’ll need confirmation of that. I’ll inspect them with rubber gloves. I’m, if nothing more, always the professional.

  6. I’ve got a joke for all you boys…….

    Q: What do you call a Serbian Prostitute?

    A: Sloballdownmyknob You bitch.

  7. The boys have won their protest. They are allowed to wear shorts after the summer holidays.

    1. “They are allowed to wear shorts after the summer holidays.

      Just in time for long pants and cooler weather.

      1. They can wear shorts during the summer holidays too, but they are not in school … so … it doesn’t really matter until after.

  8. 40 in Europe including the UK id boiling. Remember we use Celsius not Faranight. (sp). 28C is 82F. The US is the only country to my knowledge that uses the imperial system. No one under 50 in the UK understands that system. What an American Schoolboy is taught regarding measurements was last taught to my Father and Mothers Generation. And if they were here now they would both be 53 . it’s not fake news ffs.

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