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  1. I’ve never seen Skins, and the most memorable movie I’ve paid attention to Nicholas Hoult is About A Boy which was a very interesting move — he did very well and was quite “quirky” in it.

    1. Both Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel have done well post Skins.
      Nicholas Hoult in Mad Max Fury Road is unrecognisable but good.

      1. I’m quite aware of Dev Patel — post Skins — I particularly enjoyed his role in The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels.

        I saw Mad Max Fury Road but I honestly didn’t recognize him in it.

  2. Of course it’s as matter of taste, but I thought “Skins” Season One with Hoult (there are several Seasons) was terrific. The sexiest scene is Sid (played by Mike Bailey) in very clinging, delineating underwear. Nicholas, of course, is excellent and very hot in it.

    1. Why would you choose to watch Mike Bailey in his underwear when there was Joe Dempsie (Chris) walking naked all the way from his home to school after the party at his house? ;)

      I remember the BJ scene from this post, that’s right before Maxxie tells Tony something like “at least we now know one thing you’re not good at.”

      1. Because I didn’t find Chris or his d*ck attractive, whereas I did find the outline of Sid’s fat c*ck very enticing. (To each his own.). The BJ scene was cute, but nothing was shown.

  3. Phew! already 12 years ago.
    A wonderful series not to be forgotten.

    Just to have another dig at America the Great…. :)
    When USA TV producers noted the huge popularity of this British production of course they smelled a buck or two to be made. The British series was never shown in America but a new production was created supposedly suitable for an American audience. This much sanitised, watered, whitewashed, sugared and cleansed piece of saccharin very quickly caused total outrage with screams of child pornography echoing across rooftops. Series numero uno didn’t get to the finishing post.
    Have to laugh your socks off.

    Death sentence, poison people slowly – no problem.
    Wars – no problem.
    Mass murder almost monthly – no problem.
    Healthcare denied – no problem.

    Teen sexuality? It’s the end of the world….

    Have to laugh out loud hugely and be thankful I am not part of that country.

      1. Lucky you… must have been some magic working…
        BBC America screenings had all expletives bleeped out and any nudity was pixellated.

        The MTV clone for a domestic audience crashed and burned even though it was a million miles away from the British original.

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