Since the first Day we met

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Saul Singleton’s Since the first Day we met is a coming of age short based on his own experiences as a gay teen.

This is the 18-year-old’s first film. It tells the story of deaf teen Max attending a new high school. He teaches a supportive classmate, who wants to learn how to use sign language, and the two get close.

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  1. Nice first film. It is choppy as if your editor hated you.
    Pet peeve, having the sub titles the same color as the background.
    I will look for more in the future.

  2. Max is a mess. You don’t try to kiss a guy as soon as he’s told you his name. The man bun and shorts were more likely to earn derision than being deaf. You don’t have an instant hissy fit the first time a new friend doesn’t show up. What kind of high school lets you walk out of class any time you want to. Max is gorgeous and we want to see a kiss, but it comes out of nowhere. This needs to be at least 15 minutes longer to tell this complicated a story, which is a very good one. Were you given only this amount of time for the story? If so, that changes everything. I’m sure you’ll make more and better films. But I’ve never made a film, so what do I know. Turn it into a full length feature . . . with Max of course.

  3. I hate this kind of stupids twinks who can not help but film themselves and take pictures and believe they are interresting and indispensable as their youth will collapse, will die like everything else.

  4. It takes quite a while to get sign language too, it’s much more than just letters, and the hide-out in the woods is a weird place to choose for someone who supposedly wants to integrate with others, but it’s a sweet first short film.

    Not sure either why both Max and Finn “say” “I am/he is deaf”, when Max is actually deaf-mute, it does not seem right to ignore it.

    I agree the 4 and a half minute duration forces to use a very simplistic scenario that leaves many gaps and questions unanswered. You should write a good story first, and shoot wherever it takes you. It’s not like it needs expensive props and green screens, it just needs time, which the director and actors have plenty of to spare at this age, and it’s free too!

  5. A really well made film, tells us all we need to know about the boys.

    Don’t under why there are so many negative comments, try making a film yourself if all you can do is bitch about nearly everything posted here.

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