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  1. This is funny. And those crazy evangelical right-wingers don’t believe there are gay animals. This should be sent to every single church in America.

  2. re: Simba

    I went to see The Lion King at the Pantages Theatre and was “lucky enough” to get front row – center seats. I was all prepared to watch a great play (after all the hoopla on TV about it). Then when I looked at my Programme with a “note” attached: The boy who stars in the Lion King would not be playing it this evening and would be substituted by his “understudy.”

    Well, that boy “understudy” was absolutely atrocious — he couldn’t remember his lines, he was terrible at the acting and he couldn’t even sing properly. My friend who paid handsomely for these tickets had a similar reaction to this boy — but didn’t pursue any refund, which was too bad (for my friend).

    I thought “understudies” were, in practice, just as good as the main actors for the plays they are in — they just didn’t have the “name recognition” as the main actor. If I were the owner of this theatre, I would have sent that play on its way with a note to the director: You won’t direct any more plays in MY theatre.

  3. Is this really two male lions doing plug and socket ? Do hear / read of chimps doing this. Go hear / read of gorillas and other apes do going. Is that ugly dick on the same dorm floor & always looking at you also able to fuck your ass hole while you sleep ? What does being gay have to do with a making your virgin hole bleed ? Is it gay as when the rip bully smacks your balls ? ha ha ha .

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