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I don’t know if you ever tried having an allergy attack and a cold from hell at the same time. Well, you don’t have to anymore because I did it for you and I can definitely not recommend the experience.

Just letting you know in case you’re wondering why the posting schedule is a bit erratic at the moment. I’ll also try to get on the mails/rewards for the donors from earlier this month as soon as I can feel my head again. Not forgetting any of you, no worries. Now excuse me while I drown myself in tea 🤒

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  1. I strongly suggest you just deal with your being sick for now!!! We’ll all “survive” a few days, a week or two as well, without a new posting at MilkBoys while you get better. LOL Everybody needs a “vacation” or just some “time off”, from their job. So take the time you need to get well, and we’ll just keep on checking -in to see when you’re better and what’s new here on MilkBoys!!

  2. Been there – done that – in fact just getting over it! In Austin it’s just something we do and we never fail but to be caught off guard by it! Get better and take care of yourself! ;-)

  3. 😷Just stay away from that danged flu…
    It’s causing havoc over here in the states!
    😀Get well soon!

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