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  1. Anyone speak French and know what they said? Did they get reprimanded or anything? It would seem that they would have left a slippery mess on the floor.

    1. Basically at the beginning they explain they are doing it to celebrate reaching 100 subscribers and they hope they don’t get caught. They tell the first guy they see in the store it’s a bet and they are doing it for friends, to which the guy, rather nonplussed, replies they better watch out because they’re gonna be in big trouble if a vendor catches them. Then they tell the woman their water has been shut off and they have to shower at the store (!) The woman tells her kids off-camera they are acting moronic and to pay no attention to them. Finally at the end they explain they didn’t get caught and asks the viewers to send more awesome challenges their way. Personally I find it strange no one was even watching the camera feeds in the store that day.

    2. I can see the older boy making a slippery mess with that little twink friend, What a bulge. Lucky little bitch. Wish I was 14 again. I’d empty his nuts if I was.

  2. When I saw the title, “Showerboys,” I had something else entirely on my mine, namely the video “series” done in Canada (I think, because of the many French-speaking teens) at the beach public places to shower before/after beach activities. Almost thought josh was taking some real risks there. Alas, not to be.

    But, I’d rather call this one a “sponge-bath” for the two. Cute, but agree with Wolfboi. :-) At least one was more “natural.” Too bad there aren’t any English subtitles, but I understand why not.

    Nice video anyway …. always nice to get some teases when least likely to happen.

    Oh, yes, thanks for the “infinity” bug fix. :-)

  3. “YouTube does weird shit to this generation, doesn’t it?”

    What do you mean, exactly? I think it’s more like this generation uses different “tools” to release their pent-up energies and at the same time, try to mix any “artistic” abilities with it. Or just buddies looking for attention in different ways than they did in previous generations. And the public is more acceptable to these outlets — artistic and energetic.

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