Shower – A dark Short about Repressed Sexuality

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A man enters the shower after working out, but is soon side tracked by an unidentified noise. He decides to seek out the source and enters a situation that leave him completely exposed.

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  1. Pastiche of Bergman’s Hour of the Wolf, only it’s one big hairy man killing another instead of Max von Sydow killing a gorgeous blond 11yo boy.

  2. Ah, yes. Using violence followed by the [assumed, general] acceptance of violence as an “appropriate” response to humans’ natural curiosity and feelings. Generated by nearly every society’s inappropriate culture via “religions’ education” and its passing through generations of ignorance. Nowhere is this more pronounce than in the good ol’ “freedom” USA (and now places like Russia is exhibiting as well).

    What happened (and will continue to happen regardless of generation) was not something that was hurting anyone, but the religious/societal shame kicks in and takes over the mind like a disease and the fastest spreading cancer.

    I’m a little surprised of this societal reaction from Norway — I thought it was one of the least religious countries and I thought one of the more accepting of “homosexuality” [innocent sex play]. I looked it up and turns out that 71.5% of the country officially belongs to an evangelical religion [but, like every area, notably less actually believe that crap, but still …] which [today] clearly makes that society actively less “liberal” than what they air themselves to be.

    And this is the reason the entire world desperately needs a thorough re-education process to combat this ignorant religious and violence stance [acceptance] throughout every society.

    1. I am of that 71.5% because it is tradition for kids to be baptized, and then you are automagically registered in a church.
      Doesn’t matter if you decide to take a civil confirmation or drop confirmation (I chose civil), as you will see be registered in a church.

      That number is misleading when it comes to the actual number of religious people in Norway.

      I also choose to stay registered, mainly because of the Islam-thingy. If we stay registered, we will avoid having Islam as the biggest religion in some years.
      It’s more political than anything.

      1. Wrrroooom:

        Thank you for that explanation although I fail to see how if more of your people “drop confirmation” and be publicly known as atheist, how that would [politically] reflect badly against islam [although I partially understand/accept your reasoning].

        But how does that stack up against/for homophobia and [its] violence?

  3. Don’t see the intention of this vid. Two man are kissing and – when someone opened the door to the room – two seconds of being surprised one man is beating the other to the ground.
    Really no sense

    1. Totally agree.


      It’s now Saturday (morning for me, afternoon for you) and since Tuesday, there’s been only one post — no less than 4 days. What’s happening?

      1. @Penboy
        Re. milkboy posts
        😈As it’s Josh’s blog it’s his decision what and when to post…
        ~We are only his guests and should appreciate what we do get here not when we get it and just leave it at that😜!

          1. Go out and make your own pedo/opinionated website then, asshole.

            Its childish and immature to engage in an ad hominem attack because the guy told you the fucking truth.

            Maybe you should donate to the Patreon. I’m sure $1000 a month would give him enough to justify more posts per day.

      2. Your “name” alone is proof you’re nothing but a very stupid TROLL — you have to use MY name just to get attention.

        Go back to your bridge — there’s some fresh bugs you haven’t tried yet.

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