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  1. Dictionaries will now have a hard time defining beauty and art with just 26 static letters when this video does it without a single word. The way Shoma started his own allegretto and presto agitato moves, long before Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata did, was also brilliant, it is extraordinary how this out of tune tempo can be so in tune with the music. Kudos to the choreographer too. Shoma didn’t let us know how his bad ankle was interfering, high praises to his dedication and bravery.

  2. Beauty and grace indeed. And if he hadn’t that one glitch toward the end, his score would have been very remarkable indeed. Would like to see him in a bathing suit. I gather the stuffed huggables thrown into the rink are a Japanese trait.

  3. “Shoma Uno managed to snatch the Four Continents title with an almost [] performance.”

    Didn’t someone forget a word (if not 2) ….. like, maybe, “perfect”? I’m sure the performance was really there.

  4. Nice skating. Nice block. Nice music.

    But the skating bore little resemblance to the music.

  5. As good as he always is, he did a very good recovery of that minor flub in the middle of it.

    And I have to give kudos to the cameraperson as well —- always well composed showing all of him. Too many camera operators (at least 99.9% males) are just “OK” do downright pathetic — even showing their obvious homophobia. This one showed (s)he appreciates the sport and the has an excellent sense of artistry. Good for him/her.

  6. I know nothing about skating, but that stat counter in the corner makes it look like a computer game! It looks like he smashed the high score though. And looking cute.

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