Shoma Uno @ Worlds 2018

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Shoma “Pocket Rocket” Uno had a rough time when he competed at the Figure Skating World Championships in Milan for Team Japan last week.

Performing on pain killers due to an injury, he fell several times during his free program but he fought through the pain and frustration and despite his tears he ended up on a fantastic 2nd place behind Nathan Chen.

Here’s his gala performance that concluded the event:

Comments 5

  1. You should correct this:
    “but he fought trough the pain”

    Should be:
    “but he fought through the pain”

      1. I can’t find the damn video (white shirt, black trousers) anywhere else! What is this copy right violation all about? Can anyone tell me please…

  2. I Just Googled Shomo uno gala and soon found a link that works. And it’s well worth seeing.

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