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  1. This video misses the point, unless there is something I am not getting. The biggest difference between males and females is in the nature of sex drive and motivation. If you cannot tell whether you’re dealing with a biological male or a biological female, you may behave towards one in a way that the other finds offensive. That is to say, it is not really easy or perhaps not even possible to have the same standard of sexual behavior towards each sex, and not have the result we see today: young women crying rape, and young males in a state of frustration. So many things that are seen today to be “social contructions” cascade from these biological differences. Having a seminal vesicle is a unique experience no female knows much about, not to mention androgens and testosterone.

  2. Sorry Buzzfeed, but I like gender norms. They’ve worked for the whole of certifiably human history, only this ‘progressive’ generation is out of touch with reality. Boys should be boys, girls should be girls, and vive le difference.

  3. So… this means if the Hell’s Angels paint their Indians and Harleys pink and start wearing frilly tutus, bras and spike heels, they’ll still be known as badass one percenters?

  4. Another regressive left propaganda piece by Buzzfeed. Also, the wage gap myth. Come on. Really?

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