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  1. SHHH ! Why do we exist ? Are we of some thing or other that of we are of a create ? GOD ? — SHHH ! — Control the masses with nonsense and fuck them. LAW & ORDER is out of the chaos only as the chaos is itself orderly chaotic. As sex is very chaotic as well as orderly as reproducing eight billions show, however the behavior might seem otherwise chaotic. SHHH ! We do NOT exist. We do witness it and do it and we witness our doing. WHY ? And, WHY do we do it ? We have little choice, including suicide, which is proof of our existing and proof of our power to come and go at our choice. We exist as a result of our own choices, good, bad. otherwise. — SHHH ! They might hear us talking ! They might choose to interfere ! Let us have fun. Fuck them and lets fuck meanwhile. SHHH ! Existence is not an invent. WE do all the and any inventing. We invent ourselves. However weirdly and oddly we do so, we do do so. The WHY is everyone’s self excuse and self explain. — SHHH ! — We create our own selves. If you do not like it then make your own choice. &c &c &c c

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