Shaving your pubes can be a dance on the razor blade

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Like most people of my generation I started shaving “down there” just two-ish years after getting anything to shave. And like most people I paid the blood price every now and then for chasing the silly dream of eternally youthful looks. Trimming or shaving your pubes can be a dangerous business, we all know from experience. But there’s also an actual study to support this thesis.

Combing through survey responses from a representative group of 7,456 American adults, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, found that 76% shave or trim their pubes. Of those, one in four reported injuring themselves at least once in the process.

Minor lacerations were the most common type of injury, accounting for 61% of those reported, followed by burns and rashes. But 1.4% of groomers reported severe enough injuries to require medical attention. That includes antibiotics for infections or surgical interventions, such as stitches and incisions to drain an abscess.

With the data, published in JAMA Dermatology, the researchers hope to draw attention to the hairy problem—and pluck out factors that may contribute to injuries.

Diving down into the data, they examined the specific bits most likely to get nicked during a grooming. Unsurprisingly, people who whittled around their dicks were most likely to injure the scrotum and penis and less likely to injure the perineum, inner thigh, or anus. People with vaginas were most in danger of harming the pubis (the region above the vagina), the inner thigh, and vagina itself. They were less likely to injure the perineum or anus.

Groomers reported using all manners of pruning tools—electric razors, nonelectric razors, wax, scissors, laser hair removal, electrolysis, or “other.” But this didn’t seem to matter much; no one method was linked to a higher risk of injuries. That said, waxing seemed to be linked to a lower risk of repeat injuries. Also inconsequential to injury risk was how hairy a person rated themselves—the hairiest didn’t endure more harm, the researchers found.

What did seem to matter was the frequency and extent of grooming. People across all genders risked more injuries with more grooming sessions—moving from monthly to daily routines—and if they aimed to snip out all the hair down there.

In terms of what increases the chances for a serious gash, researchers found two factors: lying on your back, rather than squatting, standing, or sitting during grooming; and having someone else do the grooming.

Most groomers—94%—reported doing the handiwork themselves. But 8.5% reported having their partner groom them, 3.9% reported professional grooming, and an intriguing 0.5% were “groomed by a friend.”

The researchers note that their study has limitations, including relying on people’s admissions and memory. It’s possible that minor injuries are underreported based on faulty memories while some more severe situations were omitted out of embarrassment.

Still, the authors say, it’s clear that pubic primping is widespread and injuries are common. “Thus, injury-prevention efforts are necessary,” they conclude. They hope that the data helps clinicians tease out patients who are at high risk of injuries and come up with “clinical guidelines or recommendations for safe pubic hair removal.”

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  1. “They hope that the data helps clinicians tease out patients who are at high risk of injuries and come up with “clinical guidelines or recommendations for safe pubic hair removal.””

    If people are injuring themselves badly enough to need medical attention more then once due hair removal, there’s really no hope for them. Just let natural selection do it’s thing.

  2. How about this? …….

    DON’T trim or shave anywhere around your genitals / anus area when DRUNK, HIGH or OTHERWISE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

    This is a LOT like using your phone (read: texting to or from) when you should be paying attention to the surroundings — like WALKING, DRIVING, etc — Just DON’T DO IT. NOTHING IS THAT IMPORTANT ON YOUR PHONE.

    Use the same principles to shaving — face or anywhere else. And don’t use well-used blades either — that’s actually worse than using brand new sharp blades.

    Uh, why does my phone have blood stains all over it after leaving the bathroom?

    No, your honor, this isn’t a case of assault, it’s just that the victim didn’t know or care what he was doing to his body — he didn’t THINK that his penis actually …. you know …. BLEEDS [with all the blood necessary for erections].

  3. “Combing through survey responses from a representative group of 7,456 American adults, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, found that 76% shave or trim their pubes.

    That’s an interesting statistic, considering all the “never shavers” that come on here.

  4. Never shaver here. When I’m with a submissive guy, I don’t mind a shaved genitalia/mangina at all. But when I’m with a dominant man, and I’m feeling a little submissive, I want him to look the “uber mensch” part – a thick pubic bush is verrry masculine.

  5. Started trimming in the early 90s and have done various degrees, forms, and styles ever since. Can only shave my belly and balls (and of course my anus, verrry carefully); too many bumps in my main pubic area, so that’s never more than an extremely close trimmer job.

    I usually just maintain it really short, not hairless (although completely smooth makes me feel so constantly sexual that it can be a major distraction, so naturally I love it!). Back in the beginning I would be concerned about people’s thinking I was weird (wife, doctor, that straight gym manager), but those days are long gone. I now make sure I’m cleaned up before any appointment or event where anyone might see my body.

    I actually grew out naturally for 5 and a half months (till I couldn’t stand it anymore) just to see how it’d look (and how much hairier I may be). I felt incomplete, unkempt, ill-prepared, even “older” and out of shape.

    My nicks only happen when I’m in a hurry. And like using my phone (Penboy), I don’t do it driving :-) — or drunk.

    This is the longest comment ever for me. Just sayin’.

  6. Maybe this will help end this disturbing trend? I do like youthful-looking partners, but when I find nothing down there it grosses me out. If I wanted a 10-year-old, I’d hang around playgrounds.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re the type to sport the most stupid looking hair “styles” by shaving the sides and back of your head to leave some ugly “tuft” on top — or some other ridiculous haircut.

      And then you think you have the intelligence to state that shaved pubes “grosses you out.” Stupid looking [head] haircuts gross me out.

  7. The buzzing off dick / ass / cunt area hair with the electric might be sexy. it does mot make it dangerous. A bit of bloody groin / ass hole is not dangerous. Or, not more than the head or face. It is that itty bitty bit of blood that makes it all so sexy.

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