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    1. “Is it in?”

      I think you’re trying to be funny ….. but …… if either of them need to “seriously” ask this question, he needs to re-evaluate his desires.

  1. I love this sweet and deep love and the pleasure that each young lover gives the other!!!!

  2. I’ve really been mesmerized by this pic. Yes its tender and sexy, but there’s something about both of their faces (even though we can only see one). The bottom is in total ecstasy and pleasure. The top is looking off … but where? I know its over thinking it but I just love this pic so much. I keep coming back to over and over throughout my day.

  3. This looks so good with two cute boys having sex, they got a skinny penis, but we are looking at it at one angle, I think they have a nice penis they look good naked, I would love to do them, I would love to suck there penis.

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