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      1. Yea, I dunno if that answers much.

        The community just gifted you 3000 euros (or something close to that) – figure 1500 euros for your new computer. The servers cost 1500 Euros every couple of weeks?

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          As I said on Twitter, right now the problem isn’t the money but getting the money to the host because their payment provider always takes *weeks* until they accept my credit card that works just fine everywhere else.

  1. @milkboys
    ❦Glad to see you back, hopefully this time for much longer…
    This site’s been an important part of my life for quite awhile now and I’ve grown quite attached to it regardless of its occasional operating problems.

    ♡I think your heart’s always been in the right place,(Josh?) no matter what and since its beginning milkboys has always filled a unique void in LGBT offerings on the net. Admittedly sometimes a bit racy but never failing to keep us up on what’s happening in the world of the great rainbow spectrum. Let’s hope this time you’re not only able to stay up but also that we get to hear more from all those silent lurkers out there who can add so much more to milkboys’ special offerings by expressing your own views.
    Do please add your voices too even if it’s just to say… Hi milkboys😍

  2. I see now that PayPal has implemented a service that makes it possible to transfer funds to other people. It seems to me that it would be worth looking into as a way that we could help you out, when you need financial help. Your site creates such feelings of joy, when there is a new post, it is can actually be considered healthy. (though some would seriously disagree with me) I hope you will look into the paypal option so all of us can help.

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      1. “PayPal is not an option sadly, they don’t allow people to transfer money related to “adult content” :/”

        You should counter that ….. and let them know it’s TEEN content (and educational) — what ALL TEENS SHOULD KNOW. :-)

  3. The lad giving the kiss (kyle ross?) is a underfed and not their handsomest model…none the less he is a sexual powerhouse. I assume no single partner could keep him occupied.

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