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  1. Notice how Matt’s hair is combed from his right to the left in the top pic, and from his left to the right in the second pic and the video.

  2. fucking boy is nit the same as fucking a mam
    q — why ?
    a — who. q — why ?
    a — boys and bois and other busy toung dickie boddies are some times so oft so cute you even cannot but love the. Hands on. Gorlirs you takr later. Femalay makeee a babe. Boys you fuck into the army.
    q — ???
    a — Why do some guys who love each other never have sex yet are sexually of attract. FACT, no q. Soldiers. ???

  3. Q — Why do some guys want to never have sex and
    Q — Why do some guys want their dicks cut up or cut off.
    A — That such is proof that sex is real for such guys. Other wise, why bother. SEX is real. How you deal with it is __________________.

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