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  1. I forget which, but either lukas ridgestone or johan paulik in their twink days on Bel ami had a 12 spurt cum shot

  2. 3 days in and surviving. Mornings are the worst. I always wake up about 4am and that couple of hours laying in bed with my hardon are so tempting. Grind into a pillow but no fap or cum. December 1st’s fap is going to be amazing (and quick) haha

  3. NO ! The best cock enforcers of the cinema are many. A few are are pure wants as well a dck enforcers. Dennis Christopher is a first for this one’s eyes. Not a fat. But a want sting. Want a fat … wow

  4. Do mean Denniss Christopher as a look a like…. The original Dennis C is wayyyyy waaaaaaaay

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