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    1. This, I’m afraid. BDSM just isn’t my thing. I have nothing against those who are into it (A close friend of mine is) so long as it’s done safely. Just not for me, not a turn on at all. If anything, it causes me distress.

      1. PEN15:
        “BDSM just isn’t my thing. I have nothing against those who are into it (Me: I’ve done it myself but safely and with 100% approval of my partner) so long as it’s done safely.”

        I agree with this. But this photo at least looks like strangling, although I’m sure it’s totally fake. I would never “strangle” my partner, even with fakery.

  1. Looks more like he is being forced. Don’t like it a bit. Shameful for this type of Web site. You can do ” A Lot Better.”

    1. I know right, Sinjin? How dare they show something that not everyone likes! Isn’t the goal of this website to promote fitting in, being “normal” and being into the same stuff as everyone else???

    1. N:
      “… but wow he is cute.”

      Is it just me, or does he look just the tiniest bit like a young Leonardo Di Caprio? A very tiny bit all over, but mostly the way he has his lips/mouth.

      1. He also has a very slight look of Chad Allen (a younger one, of course) …. to me, anyway.

      2. Yeah, he does have that look. gfron1, even more like Devon Sawa. I had a huge crush on both Leo & Devon when they were younger.

  2. Looks like this site is teaching or suggesting S&M to children of early age, that’s sick.

  3. There is nothing fucking wrong with BDSM. Get off your respective moral high horses. Perfectly fine not to like it.

    Debatable if it’s wise to “promote” to children but, if they’re on the internet, they’ve seen it all.

  4. After watching the gif, I’ve seen many gay porn videos that show this type of thing. I would venture a guess that some guys enjoy being “closely held” in this way (or the “top” is taking “full control”) while being fucked.

  5. Male sexuality, both straight and gay, is complex enough as it is, add kink, fetish, and angst to the mix and…here we are. No, this isn’t a snuff film; I don’t think he’s being choked at all, I think it’s just a nice shot of roll playing, an effort to satisfy a desire to take, or be completely taken.

  6. Please no mean gay sex between two very sexy gay boys because mean sex is not nice gay sex great gay sex between very sexy gay boys is suppost to be nice and sweet sex

    1. It’s the Cockyboy video ‘Talk to Me’ with Jett Black aka Jeppe Hansen. The SM aspect doesn’t really play an important role in this video.

  7. You can tell that they are just really into making love. The guy is not squeezing tight and the other guy is not forcing his hand away with his hands. They are just really into it. It might also be the whole erotic asphyxiation thing.

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