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    1. “ugh, ugly mutilated cocks!”

      Says the Brit that doesn’t look very close. But, just because you see a couple of glans, you IMMEDIATELY think they’re “mutilated”.

      What looks to me is BOTH are uncircumcised — just have their skins pulled down fully (particularly the one on the right).

      1. Oh htaerbsinep, you are easier than a marine !

        I knew I would snag you.

        Number one has definitely been mutilated, the scarring is easily visible for anyone with 20/20 vision.

  1. Interesting pic, why 2 guys looking upwards and the centre guy looking at screen, unless he is controlling their eyes?

  2. The center boy looks very familiar …. especially his numeral tattoo — he was a previous post by joshua, right? A collection of photos, maybe some in the shower?

    I just wish he was showing off his personal joystick as well. :-)

  3. Thee side arm knobs are clearly circumcised. The scar is clear on each. Why that matters at all is not what I shall bother with. The photo is nice and I fail to get the … UH OH … I just said the photo is nice. I always like critics and complaints. BUT —> The cat meows and the dog barks. So do I. DONE !!!

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