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  1. So who are the “stars” of this little snippet of a movie? I’m thinking one of them is named “Jesse”.

    1. My thought exactly ….. from a sweet lip kiss to sucking on an impressive erection — not to mention the complete disrobing between the two incidents. :-))

  2. Of course, the video is edited for brevity. Though I have had friends come over in the daytime, with loose jogging shorts on, and at the window watching them come on the sidewalk from the street to my house, I can see they already have a full blown erection from thinking about the fun coming. And yes, we start at the doorway, how can we not? As a young post pubescent, I was known to meet friends at my door when no one was home, I with only a hard on. Lots of fun starting back then celebrating sexuality.

  3. Jesse retired from porn and now performs as an impersonator. I always liked his flesh films.

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