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  1. A video would be very nice. Although, I think I’ve seen at least a part of it, not sure. I don’t know his name, but I recognize then nude one holding the towel. He’s been quite popular for young, “twinky” adult vids.

    The other one is quite nice too. And I do like his briefs (better off, though).

        1. “It’s Ava (formerly Matthew) Keading.”

          Yes, that’s the one I was thinking about. Thank you.

  2. Sexytimes Sunday *21 milkboys 2018-07-08 …
    — why change / trans ?
    — Why avoid the MONSTER its chance to chase you through the woods and hunting you down ? Then, upon getting you, which monster will do, why avoid its eating you ? WHY trans from being a prey ?
    — Why deny the URBAN TROLL its wont to find you on the street and grab you and drag you and your body to its pit to crush you and suck all the waters from your naked body? You will merely be as naked as it will make you. What is new here? It will suck your body dry. WHY trans from that possible opportunity ?
    — You will deny the WATER ELF its desirous self to make you one of its slaves in the water ways ? Your dick will be fore ever more be of attack. WHY trans to deny so many supple energies ?
    — Some guys trans because they feel the need to be a gal. This likes guys, period. Changing is of no understanding. This person’s opinion is irrelevant.
    — Going trans is contrary to the nature of males to be as weird as they can be and still be males. That is, trans denies males to be as weird as you might be with you. A trans aint worth that.
    — There are the WOODS IMPS looking for male bodies to male into their domain of trees, weeds, flowers, mushrooms, and … OH, uh, trans refuse those male friends.
    — Will remember himmm hymn of the picture. Whatever. Will sing. But not to a future of the unknowable. Will find and explore.

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