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    1. You’re welcome to offset the costs of this site out of your own pocket if you don’t want affiliate content here.

    2. 😜Sheeze Josh at least use click it with that 💩please…
      Not all of us are into that kind of in your face porn.

      1. Poor baby …. you’re talking about boys’ bodies, sexy clothing, penises and erections throughout out the years of posts in here …. but you’re “not into that kind of in your face porn.”

        What is it like to be a hypocrite unto yourself?

    3. P.S. Re my own comment above. I love porn, it’s just this particular photo I find revolting.

  1. I feel as though this is alright for the site, just that it really should be covered… A click to reveal. Helix helps pay, so it’s fine. Just… I joined this site when I was fairly young in an attempt to find likeminded people who have gone through things that I was going through; to figure out myself and to find solace… While this doesn’t go against that, it’s just very important to make sure this is not a porn site or a porn blog. I see this site as being so important and risking the message in any way scares me. Milkboys did so much good for me when I was younger, and while I don’t yet see that site going away, just be careful

  2. Milkboys has posted porn every now and then for years. This is nothing new. Sex, real or fantasized, is a part of every teenage LGBT boy’s life. And don’t think for a second that the boys who visit this site aren’t avid users of porn as well.

    Milkboys is holistic – it approaches every aspect of our community’s life. What makes this site brilliantly unique from other blogs and forums is that it covers the arts and culture of our little group, as well as our glands and squirts.

  3. I would say the one on his knees is thoroughly intent on doing a very good job for the other — love his expression through his eyes. Pure contentment.

  4. @PB
    ~Actually thought about responding to your earlier comment to me but then considered the source…

  5. Nice video. Have you noticed when sites like that advertise they use young smooth boys that often appear to be early teens, but once you go to the site, the boys are all hairy, muscular young men.

    Only problem with this is that it might get the site banned from the server if some prude complains. Click to see may be better.

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