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      1. Me: “Your “teasings” since the relaunch are certainly more visually tame than before.”

        You: “Thank goodness.”

        Uh, Oh, ….. you’re not going to like Mirror Monday *4 then. Put on your blinders and go to your nearest church to pray.

      2. @theboy:
        “I didn’t, no. Milkboys should not be a porn site; that’s not why I go here.”

        milkboys can be many things to its loyal following, but “porn site” it’s NOT. A few nudes don’t make this a “porn site”.

  1. Hi Hot stuff. Imagine us posting at the same time. lol. It’s 4.05 am here in Scotland and I’m off work with a virus. In bed, can’t get back to sleep. On milkboys with discarded tissues everywhere. Due to my nose you understand. What’s the temperature in Oz? It’s -7 here. Ah, the joys of an early Spring morning. Ok, I jest, and it’s pitch dark until 9, but you can’t have everything. Can’t wait for Summer, when you get highs of 18 degrees, lol, and the sun sets at 11, and rises at 3. My telescopes redundant in June and July. lol. Love to visit Bondi Beach and see the tanned muscled studs in their budgie smugglers. Bet you like that too?

    See ya.


  2. Or you might prefer Russia 2005 Entry by Vlad? lol. He reminds me of myself at that age, except I have blond hair and blue eyes, not brown like his. I was just as camp as this at the same age, 12, and yes, I attracted teen cock like flies to honey. As camp as tits.


    Vlad for Russia starts at 31.10 through to 34.30 and Nicolai the Stud for Denmark starts at 10.03 through to 13.25. I was 2 years older than him at the time and so in love with him.


  3. You know I can’t see too much of these boys and what they look like as far as I can see they look good they’re cute I think, they’re both half naked they’re in their underwear, the one boy feeling the other boys bulge, he’s rubbing his hands up and down on it, I would love to do that.

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