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  1. That’s exactly what I want to do to my friend Rafael! LOL And I think his reaction would be about the same as this young man’s.

    A Perfect Gif!!

  2. Beautiful boy with an epic cock, however, I’m not into BDSM or any of those shades of gray. I like my boys untied and ungagged, so they can use all their hands and holes to … please me.

  3. This sort of thing really isn’t violence when it’s done properly. It might not be your “thing” but there are plenty of people out here, young and old, that derive pleasure from this sort of thing – be it s&M or whatever.

    1. hey, if it’s consensual, then it’s fun for whom consents. not a lot of call to consent otherwise. it’s not something that really comes up, bondage. you pretty much need to throw that one out there. and you pretty much need to like the idea to consent. so, yeah. nothing wrong here.

  4. If I had that boy for the day I would first cover his beautiful lithe body with kisses head to toe. I would lick and taste and suck that lovely flesh. I would break out massage oil and lovingly caress every inch with strong, gentle, loving caresses. Finally I would
    spend an hour sucking and stroking and fondling that gorgeous cock, feeling his lovely body trembling beneath me until he explodes in waves of orgasmic ecstasy in my mouth where I would drink of his magnificent boyhood.

  5. I think he looks good, he is laying down all tied up, that’s when I would take advantage of his penis, I would be sucking it and eating it out

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