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  1. That’s some length of star. I’m guessing about a foot if that star is accurate?

    I want to get that kind of foot in mouth disease. “Cough Cough”.

    I’m editing that 2 minutes in as I didn’t click the star. I wasn’t that far out. “woof” I want that bone.

    1. “I’m guessing about a foot if that star is accurate?”

      More like 7-8 inches. Sorry to disappoint.

      It’s about time we get something for the New Year …. this teasing has its limits.

  2. Now I really love this picture and these two boys one of the boys he’s giving the other boy head that’s what I love to do I know it’s called oral sex that’s what I love to do I’m glad that we are on a gay website or gate suit because we all can understand we’re only human and people in different

  3. You know both of these boys is so cute, I seen what’s behind The Star the one boy is sucking the other boys penis, that’s what I love to do, you know I don’t no of anyone who loves penis as much as I do, I love penis so munch, I love sucking penis, and massaging it with my tongue, you know these two boys that you see they’re really cute, I would do both of them one thing I don’t get is why does the one boy have his clothes on, the other boy does too, but he has his pants in underwear pulled down, why can’t they both be naked.

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