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  1. That’s the adorable Derrick Porter being serviced. I believe he left adult flicks about five years ago. I miss his boy next door looks and he was just fine performing as a top in other vids.

  2. The blond rider looks so much like my current boyfriend that we tried this out the other night. It was so much more restful being a top when the bottom does all the work!

  3. These two boys are so cute, they look good naked, they are having sex, I would love to have sex with them I’m doing both the same time, I would love just suck their penis, I love shocking penis, I will suck their penis so much they will be sperming in my mouth, I love holding it in my mouth while I am sucking it, because you got to apply just a little bit oppression with your lips while you’re sucking, because the sperm is on my tongue and it’s rubbing up and down his penis, and I like to see sperm coming out of his pee hole, I can get a lot of sperm to come out, then well drilling down his penis I like two massage his penis my tongue, I know how to massage a penis really good with my tongue, and then I’ll eat penis out after that, he will not one stop, you want me to keep going, trust me they were on keep coming back to me all the time wanting me to suck dick.

  4. I love what they’re doing, these two boys are so cute, they look good naked, they got a nice penis, and I love to see it

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