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  1. Is it just me or are the models now not quite up to par with the Jesse Starr and Tommy Anders of the past?

    Not that I’d toss any of them out of bed but man, I never saw anyone who made me want to be a top more than Jesse Starr, or a bottom getting laid by Tommy Anders.

    1. There’s still lots of hotties out there – I would jump at the chance to romp with Scotty Clarke or Sammy Case or Matthew Keading. Nevertheless, you got me thinking about boys of the past. I would give anything to go back in time to play again with Tom, Sam, Mark, Carlo, Dominic, Frankie, Chuck, Jim, Terry, Rod, Rosario, Scott, Todd, ‘Uncle’ Frank, to name a few of the mouthwatering lovers I enjoyed in the ’60s, and will never forget.

      1. “Sammy Case or Matthew Keading”

        Like them a wee bit fem, do you? Ah, now I know why you think I’m fem …. sorry to disappoint.

        And those other names ………. Well, I could go back to Bangkok with my memories (don’t remember all those Thai, Chinese & Malay names now) and do exactly what that city instructs me to — meeting them in such innocent-sounding club names like Tulip and Lonely Boy. :-)

        1. Not because they’re “fem,” but because they’re cute. As for recollecting your adventures in Bangkok, be my guest. We should all have wonderful memories of many youthful indiscretions. Funny thing – all but 2 of the boys in my recounting were straight – the other 2 were bisexual and did rather well with high school girls. Lost track of them after that.

    1. Audaciter / Nyet:

      Both of you should do more exploring in some of the “dusty corners” of the Internet where there are too numerous amateur videos …. like “game-boys” etc. They’re NOT fake and I guarantee can give you “butterflies” experiencing the innocence of curiosity of so many of them.

      1. I realize now that my post was vague. I absolutely enjoy amateur videos and many of the “dusty corners” of the internet are well lubricated thanks to me ;). What I meant by “porn” in my original post was professionally made porn – utilizing porn stars.

        I find absolutely nothing sexually thrilling about manufactured porn.

        1. It’s hot because there are slim sexy guys with dicks, fucking each other, who cares if it’s manufactured, it’s porn. You guys are such hipsters

  2. With these three boys in the pool or one of the boys is in the pool the other two and they’re free in the pool but just sitting outside the pool in his what they’re doing maybe I’ll try that have never tried it outside one boy given the other boy oral sex they wouldn’t have to be in a private area but they are cute boys I would love to do what they’re doing

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