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    1. “This GIF fucking sucks.”

      Isn’t that the intention of it? ;-))

      Honesly, I don’t like it because it’s more of an expression of POWER and not pure interest and appreciation of their partners.

      Plus, what real pleasure is the “lead” getting by just shoving his erection in and completely out of a mouth? First, there’s too much of a chance to get his penis scraped by the receiving teeth. Second, the penis isn’t in the receiving mouth long enough to get any real pleasurable feeling from this “effort”.

  1. C’mon, you can do better and with more class. This one’s just a sloppy cocksucker.

  2. Agree with most of you. This stuff is uninteresting and simply doesn’t belong here..

  3. I think this boy he’s cute, I love this short video, now what this boy is doing that’s what I love to do, I love having them in my mouth.

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