Sewing Hope

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Ready for a little tearjerker? Then watch this short video about a boy who’s spending most of his time trying to turn other kids’ sadness upside down :)

Submitted by Michael

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  1. “Being kind and not mean will change the world a lot.”

    We should all live by this.

    A beautiful boy, a beautiful film. It made me cry.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. 😇There’s no question about it that’s one special boy!
    ~Let’s hope Campbell’s father continues to beat the odds with his ‘Winner Bear’ and maybe just a touch of grace too.

  3. This seriously made my day. Such a wonderful story of kindness. If only everyone could show a fraction of the kindness this boy has, the world would be a better place immediately. *__*

    1. I’m sure it will …. but will change, obviously … he will then start sewing anatomically correct bears.

      1. Thanks, but it isn’t my name. I maintain a number of online personas for different interests. less likely to be put on trial for everything at once that way ;)

        Somehow the browser auto filled-in that name in the contact form.

        1. ~I had assumed as much that’s why I used the laugh till ya cry emoji😂!
          Hope you continue to submit such heartfelt stories like that, they’re well appreciated.

  4. Not exactly this, I know, but as soon as I saw that he was sewing, I immediately thought of the very good movie, Canvas. I recommend it highly.

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