Seniors give Gay Advice

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They lived through bar raids, blatant discrimination and isolation and are still around to tell about it. A group of gay and lesbian seniors from a LGBT Community Center have teamed with YouTube personality Davey Wavey on a video to share memories and advice.

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  1. Everything they said, and this: Get your CCW permit and always carry a gun. There are still some haters and bashers out there that didn’t get the memo. Live free, love one another, play safe, and be safe.

    1. How long do you think you are going to last in prison after you shoot some fucker who so richly deserves it? And if you’re tough enough to survive in prison, you’re probably not the kind of gay who is going to be bashed in the first place. Most of us can’t just decide to be bad-ass any more than we can just decide to straight.

  2. Thanks for giving us seniors a little bit of credit. After all, if not for us, you “younguns” wouldn’t have the freedoms you have now just to be “gay”.

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