Several U.S. schools get tax money for being discriminatory hellholes

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Several schools receiving money from the state of Mississippi ban not only pregnant students, some even openly ban queer students. Seven private schools that benefit from the state’s school voucher program explicitly say that they expel students who get pregnant.

At issue are the state’s “segregation academies,” schools that were founded after Mississippi public schools were integrated in 1969 so that white parents could keep their kids away from black students. The schools discriminated on the basis of race either explicitly or implicitly, and the state legislature immediately offered them support in the form of school vouchers. While the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1976 that schools that practice racial discrimination would lose their tax-exempt status, they remain significantly whiter than their surrounding areas to this day.

Six Mississippi segregation academies examined by the Huffington Post tell their students in their student handbooks that they will be expelled if they get pregnant or father a child. The Hillcrest Christian School in Jackson warns students that the school can ask a student to take a pregnancy test.

The Northpoint Christian School also says that students who get an abortion will also be expelled. The school  also bans homosexuality and says any student “who promotes, engages in, or identifies himself/herself with such activity through any action” will not be admitted. The state’s school voucher program gives the schools up to $6500 per student, effectively funding discrimination.

Another school that bans pregnant girls, the Madison-Ridgeland Academy also bans “twists,” “cornrows,” and “dreadlocks,” all hairstyles associated with African-Americans. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint against several schools in Florida with the same policy, arguing that this policy is a form of racial discrimination.

Florida has a similar issue with schools that receive state money. Seven schools were found earlier this year to have a “zero tolerance” policy for homosexuality, while others were using textbooks that teach that homosexuality is a “moral evil.”

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  1. Being a kinda-sorta libertarian, I support the right of free association, even if it’s discriminatory, and the free exercise of religion, even if it’s heretical, as long as I don’t get the bill for it. If you want to start a school that denies admission to left-handed blondes, or a church that worships oak trees, or a church-school that combines it all, be my guest. Just make sure it’s all your own money on the line and not public funds.

    1. And right here we see the schools getting tax payer money, so what is your opinion on these specific schools? Horselips.

      1. As I said, “,,,as long as I don’t get the bill.” And then, “…it’s all your own money on the line and not public funds.”

        I would not fund these schools. Even the Catholic school system accepts all kinds of minority students, and their schools are fully accredited.

        These specific offending schools are few and undoubtedly very small. There’s only 6 in Mississippi and 7 in Florida, and while publicly funding them in any way is scandalous, I wonder if the officials in those states aren’t thinking outside the box – they might feel they’re better off keeping these bigoted families and their probably rotten kids quarantined in their own schools, away from the rest of the school system, rather than risk contamination.

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